Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Come to me through the distance
I know that you smell nice
Trash your wisdom, kill the patience
And drown in your despise
Far away the bush is burning
Your dreams are catching fire
As you climb the mountain, scorch your hands
A miracle’s inspired
Don’t know, where to go
Blinded by, your eyes… and your pride

We soaked our heads tonight
I think its time we dry
You’re high on energy
The power of your lies

Hear the voices calling you
And read what’s on my mind
Tie your thoughts, ground your fears
And see beyond the lines
Slay your hopes, slay your reasons
Slay all in name of love
And when you’re done you can save the guilt
For the years to come
You know, it’s too low
Hollow from inside… in sight

We smoked ourselves away
I think its time we fly
You’re high on blaming me
The hungers’ in your eyes
I made an enemy…
There’s nothing more to see
We drowned in yesterday
I think its time we die…

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Be and Become

Madness across the desert…
Muddled faces bathed in warm light
The songs we sang… are sprinkled in the air
Like the black holes of reasons we believed in
Flames of thought rise and fall…
Vicious, distant voices call out your name
This is where we deceived time
Where we once outshined desire…
And rose!
This is where we became…

There's madness across the desert…
Night spawned a million dreams
Shadows of the days gone by…
Of lies we chased and cherished
Laughter… sweet, innocent and serene
Blind, in vain and torturous
We laughed… we bled… we became…

Why should you stay?
Go now…
For the eyes have a new tale to tell
Its time to believe
Its time to release
Its time to defy…
And time… is fiction

Muddled faces bathed in warm light
The songs we sang… reek all around us…
And so the shadows dance
Their dance of devotion…
We sink into the flames and so we become…

The shifting sands deceive reality
Blowing dunes of sanity
Vile winds sweep life away
There's madness across the desert…