Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Away from sanctions of time and space
A tiny sprout of freedom fills the void
Blazing anger sweeps through the heavens
Pouring down in whispers of demise

Scattered bodies like pebbles on a seashore
Creeping in the darkness that remains
Grunts of past enslave minds of tomorrow
Whilst the conspirators throw the blame

Provoking justice, inflict more treachery
Consuming all those who believe
Judge and the jury, with a new verdict everyday
As the raging infidels serve the creed

Digging ditches for the ages to come
Dungeons prey on you forever more
The heathen raise their flags for the battle
The war drums boom of skin and bones

As time stopped at the doorstep of dawn
We looked at the stars and saw the past…
When the wise were knowing
Our tribe was growing
The pyre was burning
The tides were turning…

Flying over the ruins of a being
Charred sentiments come to view
Wrecked around the bridges of long-ago
Hear what the silence says to you…

When a life was taken
A promise broken
A name was chosen
A dream was stolen

Of the joy of giving
The heart of loving
The sense of seeing
The pride of showing

A newer ending…

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