Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Higher Powers

“Why don’t we take a trip down the green ‘n’ white?” said Peshi-peshi.
I could come up with a thousand lies just to put up with his madness… but woe is me.
“There’s a whole new tone to this voice, my boy”, and I couldn’t agree more. After all, nights are colder than the days and the touch… oh yes, the touch.
“It’s cold out here tonight, I’d better make a fire.” And make a fire he did.
What a clown, I thought; his head was in his genitals. But then again, he wasn’t the only one.
Embers flickered across his wasted face. He looked dark and unclear. Undone.
“Look.” He pointed upwards. “That’s the constellation of Orion, the hunter. See those three stars in a row? That’s his belt.” He paused for a few milliseconds. “Are you a hunter Mr. Kazmi?”
“Maybe” said I.
“Hunters are sad creatures Mr. Kazmi, they waste their energies in pursuit of a kill. A kill to satisfy their hunger… for glory, for thrill, for lust. They set the traps, the baits; anything to entice their prey.” His face was frozen, his words were dry.
“I speak too much” said Peshi-peshi. “The green ‘n’ white could do this to you. There are higher powers Mr. Kazmi. Whether you accept or reject it.”
Right he was; right he was. What a clown.
“It wouldn’t be long before the hunter becomes the hunted” he said, “There are higher powers.”
“Khair, fuck it. You know that old wine, I keep telling you about? Now she’s a hunt id want to pursue. Oh what a lass. I could drink her up all day and still would want more at night.”
His head was in his genitals.
“It’s a funny place this green ‘n’ white I tell ya…”
The flames scorched my face. As I fondled one thought after another. Woe is me.
Sinful energies poured from his eyes. He wiped them with his little hands and smiled at me.

And then she appeared.
Peshi-peshi said she was born of flames. I thought she was the flame.
She scorched my face and I…
Woe is me.
Not a word was said, not a place was spared; not a thing was moved. Clouded mind could bear no thought of its own. Sweet gifts of memories it received. A phantom of bliss hung over my head as the shadows I chased stirred all around. I was the prey.

Peshi-peshi closed his eyes. His hands following his mind.
I flicked my orange hand and lit my white piece. Smoke is the best enemy, she said. I guess she knew more than that wise fool Peshi-peshi. I sucked in her burning wisdom and waited for a resolve.

The night was cold and the touch… oh yes the touch!
As the wind blew, the trees shrugged and the moon sang me a lullaby.
Pleasant dreams, it said.

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