Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hypnogogic Actualizations

The power of choice is impeccable when you put a cork on your thoughts. And in that decisive flicker, justice is served, visions are defaced… you are born. Born again to revisit what you had left unchanged… undisturbed. To be loathed by lovers and greeted with plastic smiles. Hideous is the word and ignorance is the cure. Here is where you had begun; here is when you had made all those sweet promises to your being. This is what altered your course. Welcome, to the first lie ever told. Welcome to reality.

But oh me, I am yet to fulfill my bit. Excuse my prejudice. This is not the time for implementation; it’s the era of admonition…and we, the keepers of light are the propellers of the universal message of change. It is the time to appreciate the beauty of a thought, to overcome the ambiguities of our fears. To abolish all contempt and defy the physical existence of this reality we imply onto ourselves. Let there be a fall! Let us be the fallen! Let us… forgive my enthusiasm.

Our individuality is the irony of our existence. All that we know and all that we hold dear overrides our true potential. We succumb to our needs – never allowing a collective thought to prevail. Prisoners we are; pathetic, weak and egotistical. Seeking means to stabilize the chemical imbalance in our heads. Perfectly unaware! Blindly giving in to this fiction we forge… and are proud of it! What an amusing species we are!

The say, it takes someone with a prophet-like stature to break away from reality. Funny thing about ‘them’ is that ‘they’ are what they are. They are us and we are them – different pronouns for one entity. With different selfish ambitions and with countless means of accomplishing them. Lo and behold! You born of an act of satisfaction. Behold what you have implied upon yourself… and take pride in what you have manipulated. Let us celebrate our preposterous glory! Let us honor what we have forsaken… and forgive ourselves for reinventing the given ethics of our humanity. For mixing pain with pleasure, for blending trust with greed, for breeding lust in the name of love, for restricting our freedom of choice… for depriving us of the greatest power given to man.

It’s a tear-jerking experience, woven into this fabric of reality that we fabricated ourselves – a mental illusion that limits our true potential. It is better to break away from an illusion than to fall from grace.

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