Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Rotten Song

Charming lies from a diamond mouth
About where and what to be
A preposterous insanity
A Caligula fantasy

Sorry tales of a fallen man
And a wounded god of hope
Bitter sweet mother of it all
A golden calf I knelt before

I was dripping, singing, running blind
Screaming out her name
Lovers, suckers, hitters, fuckers,
Came around to play

You know she smelled like lilies
Like lilies in bloom
And I was just another fool
But then she fixed me supper
And swallowed me whole
A sin was claimed, a lie was born…

Oh you, you've gone too far
You're trying to be an illusion
But that's just what you are…

Chasing shadows with an iron will
It's an abomination of determination
Socially incestuous,
The madness never dies
Being plagued with a smile
Being cursed all this while

Pour me another cup of chorus
And come up with an alibi
It's a never ending race
Keep making a face

And yes she smelled like nothing
Like nothing I knew
And I was a scentless fool
So she cooked me dinner
And swallowed me whole
The sons of man are a hungry lot…

Oh you, you've come too far
You're trying to be a character
But that's just what you are…

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