Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dr. Douche-bag created a criminal in his science lab.The world stood in terror as the generation before us lost their balance.Hundreds of happy meals stormed through the streets, singing their songs of hell.Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling.
Rallying along in leathers and fur coats, the raving herds rocked the town. While away went the children to hide in their television sets.The greater of the lords held his hand up high... and the hordes of the fallen came to a halt."Oh you Biebers and Bastards of this race! Behold the ultimate weapons of mass-consumptions! Our all-powerful synthesized fruit salads and processed frozen yogurts."He looked at the captain.He looked back at him and uttered painfully,"We shall bring unto this land an abomination unknown to vainkind."
"Hail!" said the crowd.
"Baby Please!" said Bieber.
"Damn!" said the monkey.
One little girl woke up to the sounds of madness.She rubbed her eyes and peered through the clouds.The doors were nailed, the windows were black.She made her way through the twists and turns till she found herself out on the streets, where the goodie-bags of the last century assembled their creed.She stopped at the thresholds and looked at the mighty morons mimicking their elders."Where are all my friends?" she asked.The greater of the lords hushed the crowd.He looked at the puny girl."We are your friends, little girl." He said with the voice of a thousand men.The girl looked at the greater lord and shook her head. She didn't know better."My friends are not so big." said the innocent little girl.
"For shizzle" said the captain.
"Hoorah!" said the monkey.
"But you see, the bigger they get… the better they sell." whispered the greater lord to the girl."What are you talking about, mister?" the girl blinked her eyes."We are talking about fresh meat! Bacon and Broccoli! Fries and Fingerfish!" the captain tried to speak sense. 
The monkey was crying.
The girl was confused.
The crowd was lost.
The captain had some juice. 
"Come join us you futile female. Become our special menu! Let us serve you to the world!" greater lord said."We are the future, we are the taste! We are music to your ears! We are your demons of your mind! We believe in you…in credit and mushroom salads!" said the captain with eyes full of ketchup and curly fries.The monkey peed his pants.The crowd waved and rattled.
"Bitch please!" said the Doctor.
"Help!" said Beiber.
"Yuck!" said the captain.
"Fuck!" said the little girl.

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