Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dani seized the running Goby. "What's wrong with you?"
Goby wasn't a very playful cat, but was surely a menace.
It had peed all over Dani's living room. Her apartment smelt like cat piss.
"How could you do this to me? Psycho child!"
Dani was mad. No, she was furious. Shaking with anger, as she almost waited for Goby to reply.
Of course it didn't.
Snapping back to reality, she put Goby down.
"I'm sorry child. You're all that I have."
She reached out for the half empty pack of 'Mee-Ow' lying on the coffee table and shook it like a rattle.
"Here, Goby."
Goby knew that sound. It rushed towards Dani.
She reached down and played with Goby's head.
"Nice Goby, Mommy is sorry."
Goby didn't care what she said. It was more interested in the rattle from the cat food. Anxiously waving its paw.
Dani took out a biscuit and threw it across the room.
Goby ran for it and was back in a flash, munching on the biscuit.
"You want more, child?" Dani smiled and swept it from the floor into her arms.
"Goby." As she hugged the cat.
"Mommy is sorry child. Please don't be mad at mommy." Tears ran down her cheeks.
"You're all I got Goby. You're all I got." Squeezing the cat in her arms.
Goby couldn't take it anymore and tried to get out of her grasp.
"Don't leave mommy, Goby. Don't ever do that." Dani was hysterical.
As the cat scratched Dani's shoulder.
"Ow!" Dani let out a painful scream as the cat jumped out of her arms and landed on the coffee table.
"Deceiver! You're all the same! All the same you hear me?" Dani screamed.
The cat licked its paws.
Dani held her shoulder. Just a scratch.
Not all scratches are deep, yet they hurt so bad.
She crashed into the chair. Her favorite chair, soaked with Goby's piss.

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